Tattooing Insurance

Public Liability insurance covers you in the event that you accidentally injure someone not working for your business or damage their property as a result of your negligence. Our insurance policies can also include treatment liability, this will protect you in the event that your client makes a claim against you due to a treatment and even if they make a claim against you due to simply not liking the tattoo that you have provided! If you employ anybody, you will need to buy Employer’s Liability insurance to insure them in the event that they are hurt at work due to the negligence of your business.

Who are we?

At Versatile Insurance we are experts at arranging specialist policies for the health and beauty profession, including:

  • Body Piercers

  • Beauticians

  • Dermal fillers

  • Dermaplaning

  • IPL treatments

  • Manicurists

  • Nail Technicians

  • Permanent make-up

  • Semi-permanent make-up

  • Tattooists

  • Laser Tattoo removal

Salon insurance will also cover public and employer’s liability and treatment liability. With our salon insurance policy, you can pick and choose what you cover. You can include your stock, contents, fixtures and fittings, tenant’s improvements (or the building if you are the owner), business interruption, personal accident, book debts and money. Obviously, the more cover you buy, the higher the premium will be.

Do you employ real people?

Yes – of course! We have a friendly team of insurance experts in our office in Okehampton dealing with businesses like yours, all day, every day. Just call our quote hotline 01837 658955 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Which treatments will we cover?

Our public liability and treatments risks insurance policy will cover the application of cosmetics; pedicures, manicures and nail extensions; facials including washes, cleansing, ionisation and steaming treatments; body wrapping, brushing and exfoliation; Alexander technique; bodily and facial massage using proprietary creams and oils including acupressure, Bowen technique, hot stone treatments, reiki, reflexology, hydrothermal massage and massage using mechanical or infra red equipment; bleaching of body hair, removal of hair by means of electrolysis, depilatory creams, galvanic epilation, eyebrow shaping, sugaring, threading, tweezing, waxing; eye lash shaping and tinting; biochemics; application of tanning creams, sprays and oils; ear or nose piercing using a stud gun; cellulite treatments; colour therapy, crystal therapy, thermo auricular treatment; glycolic acid peel treatment; light therapy; micro epidermal abrasion treatment and paraffin wax treatment.

Our salon insurance policy will cover washing styling cutting or drying of the hair, dyeing tinting bleaching permanent waving straightening or other treatment of the hair or the scalp and tinting or plucking of the eye brows, Indian head massage Eastern head massage acupressure shiatsu reiki and reflexology (other than reflexology treatment to pregnant women), manicuring (including nail extensions and nail art) pedicuring aromatherapy (other than aromatherapy treatment to pregnant women) or the application of cosmetics, ear or nose piercing by the gun and stud method (provided that consent is obtained from parents or guardians prior to treatment of minor), the provision of facials (including masks ionisation and steaming treatments but not facial peel, the application of proprietary hair removal body wax or sugaring or other external body treatment preparations (including spray tanning) including body brushing, electrical body toning endermologie and hair removal using electrolysis equipment provided that such equipment is operated by a Qualified Person, non-invasive holistic treatments including colour therapy and crystal healing.

Other insurance available from Versatile

Public Liability Insurance

When you work away from your business premises, you may cause harm to someone else or their property. For instance, you may drop a tool from a height which hits a passer by resulting in a claim being made against you. We can provide Public Liability cover for most trades, from tradesman such as Builders, Plumbers and Electricians, to High Risk trades such as Roofers with heat use and Sprinkler Installers. If you install Sprinklers, Fire Alarms or Security Alarms, you will need to make sure that efficacy cover is included within the cover as this is one of the larger risks that you could be exposed to. If you would like a quote for this cover, please click here.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement for nearly all employers and protects the employer against claims from employees, labour-only sub-contractors, hired people, volunteers, people working under Government sponsored work schemes and even friends who are helping out, where there has been negligence resulting in their injury or death. Although the law only requires you to hold £5,000,000, insurance companies nearly always issue cover for £10,000,000. This cover can be included within policies like Home, Renovation, Self Build, Office, Liability and many others. If you are unsure whether or not you need this cover get in touch either via by email or phone.

Products Liability Insurance

This covers you for when the goods you supply cause harm to a member of the public, this is something that is normally included with Public Liability insurance. Please click here to start your quotation.

Public Liability for Land

Public Liability for land, also known as Property Owners Liability insurance, is a policy which protects you in the event that someone is injured while on your property or land. This could be a trespasser taking a shortcut over your field who gets injured after stepping into a mole hill, as frustrating as it would be they would be able to make a claim against you (rightfully or wrongfully). This policy type would cover the cost of defending your claim in addition to settling valid claims. If you would like a quote for this, please click here.

Excess of Loss (also known as Excess Layer)

Most insurers will cover you up to £5,000,000 limit of indemnity for Public Liability Insurance. However there are times when you require more cover, this could be due to a client requesting this or due to your work within a high risk trade. You can “top up” your existing policy with extra insurance from a different insurer using an Excess of Loss policy which is very simple for us to arrange. If you would like for us to arrange a quotation, please click here to provide the information we need and we shall find the best quotes for you.

Contractors All Risks Insurance (also known as Contract Works)

Within lots of trades you may responsible for the work being undertaken until the contract has been completed and handed over to the owner. If during the project your work burns down before handing it over, you may be responsible for all of the costs to re-do the work which can often cost more than the initial work due to debris removal. Whether you undertake small or large projects, it is unlikely that a loss of this nature could be absorbed into your profit margin, which is why many contractors now take out this cover. Please click  here to start your quote.

JCT Clause 21.2.1 and 6.5.1

JCT Clause 21.1.1 and 6.5.1 cover are very similar and are sometimes referred to as “small works” or “non-negligence insurance”. This insurance covers you for injury or damage to property attributable to the carrying out of the Works but where you have not been negligent and there is no fault in the design or workmanship done. If you are undertaking basement works, this cover is an absolute must. We would advise speaking to your architect if you have any concerns about your project as they are responsible for advising you on what insurances you should be considering. If you would like a quotation for 21.2.1 or 6.5.1 insurance, please click here.

Professional Indemnity

If your business provides advice or a consultancy service which could lead to a financial loss for your client, you could be responsible for this loss. Depending on your trade, you may also be legally required to hold this insurance! An example of this would be giving incorrect advice or making mistakes in a report resulting in a financial loss for your client, or alternatively slander, libel and breach of copyright. Even if you are not at fault, the cost to defend a wrongful claim can be very high! If you would like a quote for Professional Indemnity Insurance, please click here.

JCT Clause 5.4 (a, b, c) (also known as Joint Names Insurance)

If you have entered into a JCT or RIBA contract with your contractor, it may be a requirement of this that you hold an All Risks insurance policy in both your name and the name of your contractor. Not all insurers are able to meet this need, but we have specialist insurers that can tailor the cover to meet the exact needs of the contract that you have put in force. Please click here to start your quote.

Treatment Liability Insurance (also known as Treatment Risks)

Many councils will only ask that a Tattooist, Beautician, Piercer or similar trade holds Public Liability Insurance, which is something that we are Versatile do not agree with. The biggest risk that a trade of this nature is exposed to is covered by Treatment Liability Insurance. If you are performing a treatment and accidentally injure your client, or they later catch an infection or fall ill, your Public Liability insurers will not pay this claim. Alternatively, although you may have undertaken your work correctly, your client may fail to follow your advice and then make a complaint and demand financial compensation, again Public Liability insurance will not cover you. Treatment liability insurance is the cover that you need to protect you against claims of this nature and is a very simple cover for us to arrange. Please click here to provide the information we need to arrange the right cover for your business.

High Risk Travel Insurance

Most Travel Insurance providers can only provide cover to destinations that the FCO advise are safe to travel to but at Versatile Insurance we can also provide cover to destinations that the FCO advises against travel to. We have a specialist policy which has been designed to cover the needs of travellers heading to either war zones or where the risk or terrorism is high. If you would like for us to arrange a High Risk Travel Insurance quote, please click here. Alternatively, if you are looking for standard Travel Insurance, please click here.

Not seen what your looking for?

We specialise in being able to arrange quotations for a wide range of risks. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please either call us on 01837 658955 or email us at to have an informal chat. Versatile Insurance have been providing specialist and tailored policies for over 15 years and have are proud to go the extra mile for our clients.