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Public Liability Insurance

Instant Public Liability insurance quotations for 12 months cover, for over 200 trades, professions and contractors, including builders, hairdressers, carpenters, decorators and gardeners.

Anybody that runs a business that could hurt a member of the public or damage their property requires public liability insurance. Our "quote and buy" website can provide an insurance quotation is less than 5 minutes and, if you wish to buy the insurance, you can be on cover as soon as you pay the premium by credit card or debit card.

Employer's liability can easily be added to Public Liability insurance for a combined liability insurance policy.

If public liability insurance wasn't quite what you were looking for, please look lower down this page for descriptions and links for other types of insurance. Click here to read more further down the page.

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What can you cover yourself for?

Public Liability Insurance

When you work away from your business premises, you may cause harm to someone else or their property. For instance, you may drop a tool from a height and hit a person. We have various Public Liability policies including Public Liability Insurance for Land Owners and Property Owners Liability Insurance. Intruder alarm installers, fire alarm installers (and some other professions) may require an extension of cover called "efficacy" which will cover them for additional risks. An example of this would be if the alarm failed and allowed a burglary or fire to occur.

Employers' Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement for nearly all employers and protects the employer against claims from employees, labour-only sub-contractors, hired people and people working under Government sponsored work schemes, where there has been negligence resulting in their injury or death. Although the law only requires you to hold £5,000,000, insurance companies nearly always issue cover for £10,000,000.

Products Liability Insurance

When the goods you supply cause harm to a member of the public.

Excess of Loss (or sometimes called Excess Layer)

Most insurers will cover you up to £5,000,000 limit of indemnity. However, there are times when you require more - usually £10,000,000 (and please don't mix this up with the £10,000,000 which you normally have with employer's liability insurance). You can "top up" your policy with extra insurance from a different insurer - this is very simple for us to arrange - just give us your Excess of Loss requirements and we shall find the best quotes for you.

Contractors All Risks Insurance (sometimes known as "Contract Works")

If you are involved with extending or converting a building or a self build, you are probably responsible for the work until the contract has been completed and handed over to the owner. If your work, for example, burns down, before handing over, you will be responsible for all of the costs of doing the work again. Please click here for a Contractors All Risks insurance quotation.

JCT Clause 21.2.1

Similar to JCT Clause 6.5.1 cover and sometimes referred to as "small works" or "non-negligence insurance", this covers you for injury or damage to property due to collapse, subsidence, heave. vibrations, weakening or removal of support or lowering of groundwater attributable to the carrying out of the Works but not due to any negligence of the contractor or design. Click here for a form to print, complete and return to us with the plans for the work.

Professional Indemnity

If your business provides advice or consultancy, there's a legal responsibility to your clients - and a breach could put you in court with hefty bills to pay. Examples are giving wrong advice or making mistakes in reports, resulting in a financial loss for your client, as well as slander, libel and breach of copyright. Even if you are not at fault, you may end up with a very large payment to make for your legal defence.Please click here for a Professional Indemnity insurance quotation.

Treatment Liability

A common misunderstanding of public liability insurance is that it covers the "property" (or thing) that you are working on. It doesn't – not unless you extend the cover. Although a hairdresser, tattoo artist, masseur or other professionals that applies treatments to people wouldn't think of their client as "property," the end result is the same and if you accidentally injure them, or they later catch an infection or fall ill, your public liability insurers will not pay a claim. Alternatively, although you may have undertaken your work correctly, your client may fail to follow your advice and then make a complaint and demand financial compensation. Treatment liability insurance is very simple cover for us to arrange - just give us a call or send an email advising what you require.

If you would like to know more about this insurance, or are unsure about what policy is right for you, one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.


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