Professional Indemnity insurance

Instant Professional Indemnity insurance (PII) quotations and cover for over 200 professions including engineers, surveyors, architects, accountants, IT consultants and photographers.

If you provide advice, or a consultancy, or prepare plans, you are liable to your customer if you make a mistake, and will require professional indemnity insurance.

Public Liability insurance can be added to a professional indemnity insurance policy for as little as just £30.74. Other optional covers are Employer’s Liability insurance and office insurance.

Our insurance website compares most professions for professional indemnity insurance from a wide range of leading insurers including Aviva, Brit, Catlin, Dual, HCC, Hiscox, ITIC, Manchester Underwriting Management and WR Berkley. Office insurance is underwritten by Catlin and Legal Expenses insurance is underwritten by ARAG plc.

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What can you cover yourself for?

Professional Indemnity Insurance:

If your business provides advice or consultancy, there’s a legal responsibility to your clients – and a breach could put you in court with hefty bills to pay. Examples are giving wrong advice or making mistakes in reports, resulting in a financial loss for your client, as well as slander, libel and breach of copyright. Even if you are not at fault, you may end up with a very large payment to make for your legal defence.

Public Liability Insurance:

When you work away from your business premises, you may cause harm to someone else or their property. For instance, you may drop a tool from a height and hit a person or leave a briefcase on the floor and someone trips over it.

Employers’ Liability Insurance:

This is a legal requirement for nearly all employers and protects the employer against claims from employees, labour-only sub-contractors, hired people and people working under Government sponsored work schemes, where there has been negligence resulting in their injury or death.