Personal Accident insurance

What is Personal Accident insurance?

One of the easiest insurance policies to understand is personal accident insurance. Very simply, if you have an accident which stops you working and you cannot earn any money, the insurance policy will pay you money instead.

Do not confuse personal accident insurance with PPI (personal protection insurance) which was famously mis-sold by banks. PPI insurance is a package of insurance to cover illness and unemployment and was sold to unsuitable people such as the unemployed, retired, pre-existing medical conditions and contract workers.

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Why buy Personal Accident insurance from Versatile Insurance?

There are a wide range of products in the market that at first glance appear very cheap. However, many of them only offer hospital benefits, death cover or complete disablement.

We arrange the only type of personal accident insurance that we can recommend – one that pays weekly benefits to working people when they are unable to work.

However, don’t insure for too much – you mustn’t be better off claiming from your insurance policy than you are working!

How much does Personal Accident insurance cost?

The only accurate way to get an insurance quotation is to click here for a quote – you will obtain an instant figure and we only ask your occupation and how much cover you want. Quotations are totally without any obligation and we will not try to contact you – we don’t even ask your name!

Premiums start from just £68.00 per year for a clerical profession for £200 per week cover, lump sums for loss of limb or death, but there is no compensation for the first 2 weeks that you are off work.

If you are happy with the price shown, you will need to fill in an online proposal form just to check a few more things (such as your age and health) to check that you will be acceptable for a policy.

So, who are Versatile Insurance Professionals Ltd?

At Versatile Insurance, we are specialists as arranging insurance – it’s all that we do, and we are not distracted by trying to sell you other products such as personal loans or mortgages.

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To obtain a quotation, just click here – it takes just a few seconds to obtain an idea of a premium.