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Our clients have told us the advice we offer have been invaluable to them in making the right desicions. Therefore we have put together the following Insurance Guides to help you. Click on a title below to view a summary and download the Guide.

What Is Contractors All Risks Insurance?

download pdf guide If you are refurbishing or extended your building or erecting a new one, you will need insurance to be in place from the moment works start, to when they finish. The type of policy that covers loss or damage to the new works is known as "Contractors All Risks" or sometimes "Contract Works".

An Insurance Guide For Roofers

download pdf guide Roofers face more insurance worries than many other businesses. As well as the possibility of damaging the building you are working on (public liability) and insuring your van or lorry, you need to check that your sub-contractors also carry public liability insurance. You also need to ensure that if you ever use any heat source (such as a hot-air gun or a bitumen boiler) that this is declared to your insurance company.

An Insurance Guide For Tattooists

download pdf guide Tattoo artists face more insurance risks than many businesses. As well as loss or damage to your equipment (salon insurance) and the liability to the public when they call into your salon, or you visit them (public liability), you may also injure your clients when you tattoo them, or they may suffer an infection later.

Property Owners Liability Guide

download pdf guide If you own land, perhaps a plot awaiting a house to be constructed or a field you have purchased to stop developers from building and obstructing your view, it is possible that a person may enter it and hurt themselves. The law requires you, as the owner, to keep the land safe and will hold you responsible for any injuries.

Landlords Insurance Policy Guide

download pdf guide When thinking about insuring a residential property which is let to tenants, there are some very important things to consider. Download our helpful guide to see what these are.

Professional Indemnity Insurance For IT Contractors

download pdf guide As an IT contractor or web designer, you provide knowledge, advice or skills to your client. Professional Indemnity insurance covers you against the cost of claims from clients who are not satisfied with your work.

What Is JCT Insurance?

download pdf guide If there is any danger that a neighbouring property may suffer any damage due to your works on your property, then you need an insurance scheme called JCT 21.2.1.

Insurance Guide For Window Cleaners

download pdf guide Public Liability insurance covers you when someone else's property is accidentally damaged (but not the glass you are cleaning) or hurt someone not connected with your business.

Insurance Guide For Self Build Property Owners

download pdf guide Self Build Insurance schemes cover the materials that are used, protects yourself from damage that can occur, and ensures that the building and land is insured.

Insurance Guide For Renovation

download pdf guide If you are planning refurbishment works to your home you are required to inform your insurer before the works begin. If you do not, you run the risk that your insurance policy will not cover you should you need to make a claim whilst your house is undergoing renovations.

What is Employer's Liability Tracing Office?

download pdf guide Something which has arisen in the past couple of years that causes a number of phone calls from clients is regarding the Employer's Liability Tracing Office. This Guide explains what Employer's Liability Tracing Office is.

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Public Liability Insurance


PL Insurance for over 200 trades, professions and contractors, including builders, hairdressers, carpenters and decorators.

PL insurance quotes

Public Liability for Land Insurance


Public Liability Insurance for building plots (greenfield and brownfield sites), grazing land, woodland and fields.

Public liability for land quotes

Property Owners Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Property liability quotes

Excess Of Loss Liability Insurance

building site

For businesses requiring high levels of PL Insurance cover in order to undertake a large contract or project or because the nature of the work requires it.

Excess Of Loss Liability quotes