Covid 19 (Coronavirus)
Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many people did not decide to include Business Interruption within their cover, in addition to this there are also polices that simply do not provide cover for this type of event. This is a confusing time and we will do our absolute best to help you through and explain what we can to you. The government has also setup some additional support which may help you, please head to to find out more about this.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any of our insurers that are able to provide a policy that would cover you for events or loses that are caused by Covid 19 (Coronavirus).

We understand that many people are continuing to work through this time, either remotely or by other safe means. Either give us a call or complete the appropriate online form and we will get a quotation out to you for your normal business activities as soon as we can!

Please see below the official reply from Insurance World when we asked this question.

A lot of customers are cancelling because of coronavirus and my business is suffering. Can we get compensation for the reduced activity?

  • There would not be any cover in place for example for a general reduction in the number of customers seen possibly due to a reluctance of people to visit clients for treatments.

If the government orders my business to close to stop the spread of coronavirus, can I claim on my Business Interruption policy?

  • As coronavirus was unknown until recently, there will be very few policies that cover it. There are some policies that cover compulsory closure caused by any notifiable infectious diseases; however, the vast majority list specifically the diseases they cover.

What do I do to notify a claim for Business?

  • At the end of your financial year you should notify us that you wish to make a claim on your policy due to an enforced closure and we will send the details to the Loss Adjusters in the normal way and the claim process will begin.

I have business interruption on my policy can you guarantee that if I have a claim it will be paid out:

  • We cannot guarantee the success of any individual claim as at this point in time the full extent of the Coronavirus Pandemic is not known.  Also, we cannot advise whether your individual claim will be successful as this is the decision of the Underwriter once the claim process has been followed and all of your financial paperwork reviewed.

We hope this clarifies the confusion caused and this is the latest information we have so cannot advise or comment further.

If you are unsure about any of this information, or if you still have questions, please get in touch.

Please see below the official reply from Insync when we asked this question.

There is no insurance that we can offer to provide cover in the event the business should suffer due to Coronavirus.

If you are unsure about any of this information, or if you still have questions, please get in touch.

Please note that the Covid 19 situation is changing constantly, this information will be kept up to date as soon as we are updated by insurers.