Things your customers wish you knew

All customers are different but based on general studies here are a few things your customers wish you knew…

  1. Customer’s love a personal touch and remembering a customer’s name will have one of the most positive effects within their visit to you. Psychology says there is nothing more pleasing than hearing your own name as it leaves people more interested and attentive when you are talking to them. This is all in the name of getting to know your customer.
  2. People generally prefer good service over fast service, I think this goes by the saying for how 15 minutes in paradise is 100% better than 5 minutes in hell. Good service allows customers to remember their experience with you in a positive way and even leaving them willing to recommend your services to friends and family.
  3. Customers LOVE brand stories, stories will help to sell. Stories have the ability to transport the client and make them feel involved with the brand you have created, it will leave a lasting effect on them, just try not to drag it out!
  4. A study of applied social psychology showed that waiters that returned to a table for a second follow up with added mint received 23% more tips than normal. This is due to the customers feeling as if they are valued,  this falls back on the idea of a personal touch. .
  5. If you have a loyalty program with your business, customers will often be more willing to follow through with it if you give your time to helping set it up with/for them as task that are underway are more likely to be completed.
  6. Selling time over money is a much more effective way of selling things. Customers are generally have much more favourable feelings when associating things with ‘’time well spent’’ as this to them will link with creating memories and getting the most out of their experience.